Posted by: Aandeiyeen | April 4, 2011

The legacy of a name

Today, my paternal grandfather would have turned 100 years old, if he were still alive. 

Born on April 4, 1911, Eli Hanlon Sr (a member of the Wooshkitaan clan) of Hoonah, Alaska was an avid Native rights activist.  He was an active member and former president of the Alaska Native Brotherhood camp #12, president of the Huna Traditional Council of Elders who were active in the Hanlon (Hoonah) v. Barton (U.S. Forest Service) case in the late 1980s, a Hoonah city council member, and a vocal advocate for subsistence rights.  If I have inherited one quarter of his strength and integrity, I can rest easy knowing that I am a good person.

It is an honor to be a part of the Hanlon family.  Happy birthday, Grandpa Eli.  May your legacy live on.


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