Posted by: Aandeiyeen | February 25, 2011

historical connections throughout Southeast

My apologies to the clans mentioned in this post-it is not my history to speak of.  I am the child of the Luknaxadi and grandchild of the Wooshkitaan so I can’t speak as the “child/grandchild of” these clans either.  But I found the interconnections mention worthy.  So thanks for your patience and please correct me if I am wrong with my knowledge on this history!

Last week, I was in Angoon to learn about traditional and customary use management issues they deal with.  This week, I was in Ketchikan to learn about mining activity on Duke Island (south of Ketchikan).  The village site where Angoon was established was discovered by the Deisheetaan people.  There were already Gaanaxadi in the area and they co-existed with the Deisheetaan until a conflict arose and they moved.  Duke Island is land that belonged to the Gaanaxadi.  The Teikweidi (my clan) originated in the Ketchikan area and are still strongly present in Ketchikan.  As Teikweidi moved northward, the original group got separated into two groups due to weather. One group settled in Angoon and the other in Yakutat.

Tlingits have a large, elaborate web of broader family connections.  I love being able to analyze and see how we all connect.  Even though it was my first time in Angoon and Ketchikan, I am historically connected to these places through clan history and relationships.  It’s not my place to tell any community or clan what to do on anything but knowing these connections, I feel a strong obligation to help in any capacity I can if asked.  Any struggle in a Tlingit community has implications on Tlingits living outside of that community.

Thank you, Angoon and Ketchikan for allowing me into your communities and for the hospitality you’ve shown me.  I look forward to visiting again as well as exploring the rest of Southeast.


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